Tuesday, 22 March 2011

It is all about the patient

As chiropractors it is our duty to serve patients in their best interest and provide them with the best care available. Being a chiropractor has never been about our needs or the satisfaction of our personal interests. It is all about what the patient needs. This is what we call patient-centred care. I have been contacted by several colleagues lately who expressed concern about the fact that they have received an e-mail sent to all chiropractors in Europe ("Invitation for All European Chiropractors") where the content is about a seminar teaching chiropractors how to earn more money.
First I want to emphasize the fact that the ECU does not give away your e-mail address to seminar organizers. There are, however, other ways to get hold of the addresses. One can look up each and every e-mail address on the ECU web site or one can get hold of mail loops used by colleagues. But as a rule: the ECU does not provide seminar organizers with your e-mail address.
Secondly I want to strongly emphasize that all our post graduate education shall be patient centred. This means that the ECU does not support:
  • the use of simple explanatory models that ignore the complexity of the human body and disease
  • the use of pre-fabricated and pre-paid long term treatment plans
  • the use of instruments where the measured result have no clinical significanc
  • the creation of an expectation of healing, or wellness, for the patient beyond what is known as a reasonably predictable outcome
  • systematic follow-up visits without individual evaluation based upon the patient condition
  • the systematic use of the reimbursement-system to the advantage of the chiropractor.

Thirdly, the European Academy of Chiropractic does not provide CPD points for seminars about practice-building. All the national associations of the ECU have signed the Code of Good Practice which I would encourage everyone to read. It sets out the standards expected of chiropractors in their dealings with patients, colleagues and authorities.














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