Friday, 18 July 2014

Where we should be, says professor Humphreys

Professor B. Kim Humphreys, Head of the Chiropractic Medicine program at the University of Zürich is pleased to announce that effective immediately the 6 year Master in Chiropractic Medicine degree (M Chiro Med) has been officially accredited by the SwissUniversity Conference (SUK) and the Swiss Accreditation Council  (CSA). The accreditation is for a period of 7 years. Professor Humphreys remarks ‘this is an historic day for chiropractic. As the first Chair for Chiropractic in a university in Switzerland, I am deeply honoured to be a part of this amazing achievement. There are many Swiss chiropractors that have worked long and hard for this day and I am grateful for their sacrifice and perseverance that made it possible. I am also grateful for the tremendous support and encouragement we have received from our home, the Orthopedic University Hospital of Balgrist. They have been amazing in helping us establish ourselves as a valued member of the team.’

Friday, 7 February 2014

France is leaving the ECU

Philippe Fleuriau, President AFC
I am sad to inform you all about the decision of the French Chiropractic Association (AFC) to leave the ECU. The decision was made after the ECU General Council (GC), which consists of the national presidents of all the chiropractic associations of the ECU, turned down an application for 150.000€ for a PR campaign. The GC expressed great sympathy with the AFC, but asked the AFC to come back with an improved application at the next meeting in May. The leadership of the ECU has done everything possible to help the AFC in this situation. They even offered the help to write the application for the AFC in order to increase the chances of a favourable vote. All these initiatives have been ignored. The fact that no representatives of the AFC board have been present at the ECU meetings for more than two years did not help the situation. I am not sure if the members of the AFC realize what they are about to turn down. In reality the AFC has said no to a possible 150.000€ financial support, funding of the French professorship at the University of Orsay and funding for French research projects. 

Thursday, 12 December 2013

The ECU presenting in Brussels

Chiropractic was the first health profession to achieve a European standard of the health care services rendered (CEN standard). European standardization in the health sector has traditionally been limited to medical devices and e-health applications. Nevertheless, in recent years there has been an increasing level of demand from stakeholders in relation to the standardization of healthcare services. Dr. Philippe Druart and myself were present recently at at a seminar in Brussels attended by more than a hundred health care professionals throughout Europe. Dr. Druart made an excellent presentation about the chiropractic profession, the process on how we made consensus and what the standard could mean to those countries without any legislation for chiropractors. You can see his presentation here.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Crisis? What crisis?

Who is best suited to take care of chiropractic politics in Europe? American chiropractors or European chiropractors? The latest interference in European affairs come from an American colleague Dr. Chris Kent. Some of you will probably remember his ungainly action in the Netherlands where he almost got cervical manipulation banned. He has now started a crusade towards Europe and Australia giving teleseminars on the chiropractic Crisis in Europe and Australia.
Coming from a part of the world where chiropractic is a household word, where 81% of the population has either a high or a very high confidence in chiropractors and where chiropractors enjoy all the privileges any chiropractor could dream of, I find such statements absurd. The actions of Dr. Kent in Europe have only one outcome, and that is a greater division in our profession. We don´t want that. We want unity. Below you can read what some of the leaders of the profession think about this:

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Interview with the WFC President Dr. Dennis Richards

WFC President Dr. Richards
-Our main challenges are internal, said the President of the World Federation of Chiropractic Dr. Dennis Richard. I had the pleasure of meeting with Dr. Richards when I was invited to talk at the Australian Annual General Meeting in Sydney. -For us to progress, it is important that we try to respect others’ beliefs, philosophies and practices when they are different from ours. This does not mean that ‘anything goes’, as there will always be limits as to what is acceptable. But there is a saying that, if we raise a sword to unfairly attack another, it will come down on our head as well, said Dr. Richards. You can read the whole interview below.